Just “a Thing”; The Boy Racers.

They dragged her out of the car yelling,
“get out you stupid old bitch.Get out”
She wondered what had struck her.
They were treating her like “a thing”.

The tow truck came and collected her.
It felt safer now with a driver.
At the panels beaters they spat on her.
She sobbed. The police were rung for her.

Unconcerned, they gave her a ballpoint pen.
Then drove her and her faithful dog home.
In a haze, she lay down on her bed,
She vomited, eyes staring, open.

They came to her home on the Sunday.
Eyes blazing, they faced her. She was scared.
She was determined to stand up to them.
But then collapsed on the Monday.

Months later, PTS over she drove again.
But it remained with her, just being “a thing”.
That was the bullying cruncher,
being nobody, “just a thing”.

3 7 2015 Nelson New Zealand

This happened to me

by Susan Alldred Lugton

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