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Just A Thought

sometimes i feel like
a peice of broken glass
a ripped part of a shirt
a fallen down tree

sometimes i feel like
the world is crashing
the people are dying
the church is sinning

and times i wonder
what went wrong
how did life get this way?

no more joy in the owrld
no more love
no more nice things to say...

i think to myself
there has to be a place
where war and suffering
don't exist

where love replaces hate
joy replaces sadness
peace replaces war
abd truth replaces guilt

where money wouldn't matter
where hearts wouldn't shatter
we'd all be together
and never be alone

sometimes, when im mad
i try to think of why i ma
becuase, really, its not even
wirth a bit of pain

if you'd look at the worls
through a birds eye view
you'd relaize how much we've lost
and wasted on things we say and do

we do things to hurt
hurt ourselves and others
sometimes people end up
without fathers and mothers

i write this for the world
and i write in hope
that some day people will see...
life's just not worth the pain

~becca hansen 11.01.07

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