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Just A Thought
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Just A Thought

Who is behind this keyboard this
supposed teenager who keeps writing these things
the boy is he one evil who would hiss
at the sight of good or at the sight of white wings
nah i say
i say hes ok
a little fey around his situation letting it control the
the wait a moment
what is this....darkness...no advanced.....no so bright
this isnt right....
darkness something is eating me
willingly i wont go
dont let me know
that i must let my scar show
darkness hide me...
but i cant hide there too much light in me
ah there is no where
to go to not be to hear
one more tear one more tear darkness darkness
come quick darkness darkness run!

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nice poem david! i c the truth behind it. i like it. i a poem with a messege hidden in it.10 for u! ! SuNsHiNe ♥