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Just A Thought
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Just A Thought

My last few poems have been pretty dull,
All this self pity,
Quite unlike me,
It's not all bad,
Every now and then i get a taste of the old ways,
The happy days,
So i souldn't complain,
Loving family, great friends, a future leading anywhere,
All these things are going for me,
So really,
Things are good.

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Comments (4)

Oh my, you really are on fire! This isn't a poem is it? ..Could that be why i called it 'just a thought'? I don't know about you, but as a rule my thoughts do not include imagery, metaphors or similes..but hey. Thats just me.
Glad you're feeling better...but still this is not a poem. (sorry to say.) This is reflective prose. Try some imagery, metaphors, similes, anything that will take this away from the route of prose. Raynette
Well i've written so much depressing stuff lately, i was beginning to bring myself down! ..Thanks by the way.
I can imagine writing something like this myself, well done on your latest output.