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Just A Touch (Matt. 14:36(
MHM ( / Kildeer, North Dakota)

Just A Touch (Matt. 14:36(

Poem By Mildred Hyatt McLoud

I stood there in the market place
With desperation in my face.
As I watched the people crowd to hear
This Man who spoke, not loud but clear.
And firm, yet so soft and sweet,
As He touched the children at His feet.
There was no hope for it seemed.
For many years I'd tried everything
But then the message came to me,
That through this crowd I must break free.
If I may but touch the hem of His garment,
I shall be made whole.
So through the crowd I pushed and pressed.
And reaching Him, all out of breath,
I dared to touch His robe of white,
And was then filled with brilliant light.
"Who touched Me?" My Savior asked.
And then the crowd began to laugh.
But He knew and so did I,
That He had just saved my life.
I bowed my head and answered low,
"I'm healed now Master, I will go."
"Your faith my child has set you free,
Now you may rise and follow Me."

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