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Just A Visitor

Sitting quietly at home

listening to the beckoning call

of something familiar

yet unknown.

Rising, walking

down the wooded path

to the pond of crystal

my secret place.

Kneeling down

reverent, watching

the moon and stars

dance on the waters


the call is strong here

gentle persuasion

commanding me.

Shedding clothing

I abide

casting myself

to the cool embrace of the water

Deeper I go

Awareness awakening

A sense of familiarity

A sense of peace.

Images flashing

the Sun distorted above

like an oil painting of

shifted hues and blended colours.

My body gliding the waves

so naturally, so swiftly

my sight piercing the depths

without limit.

It has occurred to me

that this is not my present self

I am experiencing

but a me of the past.

Long ago

when I travelled

the limitless expanse

of the oceans

And in this peace

I can see myself

a thousand times before

in a thousand different forms

The wonder and beauty

are overwhelming

and I break through

to the surface

Catching my breath

I return to the shore

Knowing now that I

am just a visitor here and nothing more.

by Robert Edmondson

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