Just A Wasted Energy

On our life's journey we make friends and a few enemies as well
But hatred is a wasted energy on which we should not dwell
The differences we have with others we ought to put to rest
Ill feelings should be left in the past for us that would be best
Dislike only leads to hatred as a wasted energy
Our lives would be far better without such negativity
Like 'tis said let bygones be bygones we only can learn from the past
Even from relationships gone wrong we learn and only a true friendship does last
Yes hatred is a wasted energy of those who wrong you let karma take care
What goes around always comes around a fact of which many seem aware
Why waste your time on hating somebody even though this person has caused you great woe
For their sins the sinners always pay to karma like 'tis said we reap what we sow
Hatred is such a wasted energy on your higher self it takes toll
It nourishes and stirs up anger and blocks out the light from the soul.

by Francis Duggan

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