Just After The War

O! I am a conscript
O! how I do wish
That I had stayed away up North
And kept out of the 'milish.'

I have just gone through the draft,
And now have a 'posish;'
By 'General Orders No. 54'
I belong to the 'milish.'

I often thought I'd volunteer
And run for a 'comish,'
But as I failed to do it
I now belong to the 'milish.'

Here is refugees, deserters, and speculators,
All mixed up in this dish;
They put us all in together
And call us the 'milish.'

Now, come, all ye 'army sharks,'
'Bblood suckers,' and other 'army fish,'
Don't you think it served us right
To put us in the 'milish'?

Vicksburg, December 16, 1864

by Anonymous Americas

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