Just After We Meet

After we meet,
we lied and smiled
then we both wink the cloud
got a sit in an honeymoon
then we kiss;
and exchange sign of love
through night we fly;
and dream pass through our vain

Our dream is just a lie.
Its nothing; but to deceit life
what is the purpose of lies?
if not to hoax

Just after we dream,
our lies unbound truth
we only need to open our eyes to see;
everything that happened
just after we meet;
we love, we wed;
then we grew older and die....

by Abideen Oluwalonsola

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Yes Mr Jawad, thanks for your surpport
Well, that's life and it's imposed upon us, we can only add some beauty to it by doing some beautiful works.
Good i love it
Just after your comments, i walk, i run, then i fly
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