Just An Addictive Rhymer

If i say i pen doggerel that's not false humility
But it is much more than a hobby 'tis a way of life with me
The rhymes just like a river are babbling in my head
I only pen to paper what my thoughts to me have said.

I do not fancy myself as one worthy of note
And i do not have pretensions to the title of a poet
Even for the tag of minor writer perhaps not good enough
But the rhymes in me keep stirring and I've penned a lot of stuff.

I have to be addictive for how can i explain
That i cannot control my urge to write i have jingles in my
I suffer rhymers addictions of that why should i lie
Perhaps i will be rhyming until the day i die.

I do not write for money and i do not write for fame
And i really do not care at all if mine is an unknown name
Just an addictive rhymer though for me no writers drought
And my ability as a rhymer i never cease to doubt.

Your average sort of rhymer just that and nothing more
One with a rhyming addiction that the critics do ignore
It has been at least three decades since I've been in my prime
But for as long as there is life in me i will be penning rhyme.

by Francis Duggan

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