Just An Incident I'Ve Witnessed

I can't say how the brawl started though many claim that Dean was right
But it was over in two minutes it was not much of a fight
Jeff did not put up a battle Dean just pinned him to the ground
A bushman from Western Australia you don't try to push around.

Jeff lost his shirt in the brief scuffle his back was scratched and bloody red
And there was a few more scratches on the bald patch on his head
Many claim he had it coming and he deserved all he got
But on Jeff the lesson has been wasted since past lessons he has forgot.

When I see two grown men brawling to myself I think and say
Should I try to separate them or should I leave them have their way
I tried to drag Dean off of Jeff, wasted my energy and time
He was far too big and angry twenty five years in his prime.

The next time I see grown men brawling maybe I should walk away
Playing the role of the peacemaker more often than not doesn't pay
Often those playing the peacemaker end up beaten black and blue
And to ignore the brawl and brawlers might be wiser thing to do.

Angry Jeff got his come uppance and the brawl did not last long
He picked a fight with the wrong fellow Dean for him was far too strong
And picking a fight with a bush Sandgroper is not such a good idea
As they are tough these Western Australians and they don't surrender easily.

Just an incident I've witnessed such things happen every day
But next time I see grown men brawling maybe I should walk away
Though this one was over quickly Jeff got up off his backside
And he went home to nurse his scratches and the huge dent to his pride.

by Francis Duggan

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