Just And Equal Punishment

Getting rid of the culprits,
Does little to undo those misdeeds done.
Assigning the crime doers,
To prison cells to get three meals a day...
Free cable and educational opportunities,
To rehabilitate back into a crazed society...
Is not just and equal punishment.

Just and equal punishment includes,
Being threatened by creditors on a daily basis.
Or being passed over for a raise,
As one's boss waves and drives away...
In a new Mercedes.

Just and equal punishment,
Is a stripping of one's respect and identity.
Not dollars stashed away collecting interests.
And kept as seed money to invest,
In the adding of more theft to the decadence.

Just and equal punishment,
Would be the trading of places...
With those that have been deceived.
And they do this until those victimized,
Have been satisfied.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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