WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Just Anoher Headache

It's just another heartache
It's just another bad headache
It's just another sad mistake
Recuperating from another heartbreak
Pills can't even dampen the pain
Suffering from a huge migraine
Seldom ever it's the end
Can't keep going through this again

You lost your chance to be with me
I thought that we were so happy
Boy was I ever wrong
In my heart, you don't belong
That's the way it goes by and bye
You didn't really have to lie
What was it you were hoping for
Is it that you wanted more

Another devastating earthquake
When you left me in your wake
Tsunami washed me out to sea
Just your thrown out debris
I was your brand-new secondhand
My body washed up on the sand
All you wanted was my cash
Thrown out like yesterday's trash

There is a foul smell in the air
It's Just another nightmare
For I am no longer scared
For I know now you never really cared
Painfully I became aware
The falseness that we shared
Hopelessly clinging onto the win
What kind of crap I find myself in

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