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12 Lines Of Sorrow
MP (22 August 1984 - / cape town)

12 Lines Of Sorrow

Poem By Anne Harkonen

When you broke my heart…

It started with a throb.
An intense throb that continued to thump thump
Thump like a chronic wave that pains my every wake.

I awoke into this dream.
All your words of promise a sarcastic whisper
That reminds repeatedly every time I blinked…

To remember the good times.

A promise of family.
You rekindled my fantasy and drowned my inhibition
In the fire of your love I let my heart sink.

Just another broken heart.
Depression. Nostalgia. Tears. Rebound. Depression. Friends.
Phone calls. Deleting Pictures. Staring. Distraction.

I was mourning you. I was mourning us.

I was mourning you? I was mourning us?

My subconscious screams I grieve for love.
My type of love that drowns in it… a sleeping giant.
The fantasy of the one,
surrender my will to give you my all.
The man of my dreams that will give me the world,
The sunset, the white horse, the picket fence and veil.

When you broke my heart…
It started with a throb.
Then cleared as I grasped it would never happen again.
Not because it can’t, but because it wont.

Real love is a fantasy, I will never day dream again.

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wow real gud 1... i like it. faces reality