Just Another Day

Just Another Day....

Have you ever felt like you was standing in the midst of everything
But when reality hits your just surrounded by nothing....
That's how I... I feel

When I think of all the trust I put in you
I Thought my feelings meant the world to you
I have a love for you that fills the moon
A love that can make the flowers bloom

I need a love that stands the test of time,
a love that will last come rain or shine}
a love that's just for me not to be shared with nobody else...

someone to promise me
you'll love me
Love me forever
That's the way love should be.

'For some it's just another day to live....something different is my headline because no matter how hard I try I keep getting the same thing and only the same...nothing different. I'm not gonna let myself be anything else but different. Today is just a day I sit and stare out the window int o the gloomy grey skies....No sun in sight just a cloudy rainy day. With my baby at my side...kinda blue but he makes me happy....but internally I'm sad....wish something could make me happy--'

by kendyll brown

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