LR (1966 / florida)

Just Another Day

what is a birthday
a celebration of one's birth
like we celebrate jesus
christmas day here on earth

but who am I to be honored
just another person taking up space
a heart and soul that's empty
but part of the human race

No I didn't get a card
there wasn't a birthday cake
I didn't go out to dinner
I didn't eat a steak

it's just a day in passing
no one remembered my day
not mom or dad or a friend
everybody went their own way

just one day older than before
another notch farther on the knife
so here i sit at my computer
contemplating what is my life

no pity please i want none
as i sit and write in the dark
words that i hear first in my head
poems that are my mark

tomorrow is a new day
the wind will blow
I will be another day older
that much I know

by Linda Racaniello

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