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Just Another Day
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Just Another Day

It's a day like any other, A day to expect
It's full of surprises

Trying to draw a portrait is tough
Because nothing that can be drawn is ever enough
A picture cannot represent who you are
It's not even close but far
Because paint, yolks, plaster, and pencil don't make a man
Instead what makes a man is not what is shown
But what is inside; the character grown
There is no artist who can
Show who I really am
Because even my appearance
Is about as trustworthy as chance
So painting a portrait is fleeting

And yet sometimes chance is a true friend
A trusted confidant that does bend
To your will even if unintentional
But when chance is on your side it's magical
With just a roll of the dice you get what you want
Even if you didn't know you wanted it
Double snake eyes is rare
But two sets of double is a scare
And yet as I said before, when chance is on your side
It's a wonderful surprise

So somehow this is what makes my day
Even those things that might not last, they're important I say!
Sometimes it's just those simple joys
That make this just another day, but a day to remember.

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