Just Another Line To Add To My Story

I wake to see.
The angel of my nightmare.
A story written on her wrist.
Scarred flesh begging.
For her razorblade kiss.

Her lips touch softly.
To my skin.
And gently she bites.
Drawing out my pain.
Thirsty as a newborn vampire.

She whispers in my ear.
Sweet nothings.
And she begs with innocence in her eyes.
To taint my perfection.
With her flaws.

Her tears slide down my skin.
Colour to the perpetual white.
A sacred blessing.
A last goodbye.
Before she fades away.

She drips her venom.
Ice cold in my veins.
Freezing my heart to a lasting winter.
Numbing me.
Until I am no more.

A secret desire.
Seeps into my soul as the venom fades.
A menacing demon.
Glares with frozen eyes.
And once again I am filled with sorrow.

And as she leaves.
I go to bed knowing.
That when I wake.
I'll see the angel of my nightmare.
Begging for her razorblade kiss

by Silence Dogood

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what a dark yet pretty poem :)