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Just Another Mark
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Just Another Mark

Just another mark

Inised and outside my head.
Theres nothing left to be said.
To much pain to much sorrow.
So much I cant restrain.
Im going insane.

You people you dont see.
At least not the real me.
You pass me by with a smile.
Not knowing I am on trial.

My eyes see and my ears hear.
Just no one sees the fear.
My thoughts all a race.
Just another day to face.

The scars you see.
Dont add up to whats inside of me.
The scars go so much deeper.
I've just been awaded the keeper.

Theese marks I leave.
You just cant belive.
You think Im just trash.
Waiting to crash.
You will get your wish.
Just another mark.
I left in the dark.

Amy Kerswell

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