Just Another Rose By Another Name Am I

you said you'd love her forever, and now you cant remember

what was going through your head onwards of november

Its written on the wall and the eyes of the world watch all

they see the pain the see the strife, but they have no idea

you thought you'd love her forever and in another heart you do

it was torn out and i gave you a new one but all i can do is break it

when i'm gone will you remember me or will i be lost too

just an 'i love you' on the wall. Its just a word you've said again and again but you still call me the same as you called her.

will i equate to the same of forever and ever above or forever and ever below

will you love me endlessly too, forever your angel baby, My ******

when i'm gone will i be lost so you will not remember or so you say

did you not have a brain, did you go by a different name, were you even you

i havent missed a day and shes still there for all the world to see and you pretend its gone, but i'll prevail, just tell me when you want me gone.

you can speak the words and play the songs, cry the tears and waste the hours, give the kisses and take and take

but i just have a different name and a better face, more years of age and another undone heart like yours, they were remade yet just that i cannot purge you of your former name and face, and of the one who came before me

what's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...just the season and blossoms change

by victoria mcvicar

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