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Just Another Saturday Night

I'm out for blood tonight.
I'm just looking for a fight.
Consequences mean nothing to me.
Nothing can stop me.

I don't care if you're big or small,
Or whether or not you're dwarfed or tall.
I want to crush your face
I want to pound it into mush
I want to hear your cries of despair
While I rip out all your hair.

My eyes light up and my heart flutters.
I found you
I found you
Tonight's hunt is over!

Breaking your teeth is music to my ears
Your blood on my hands feels great
I snap your thumbs and fingers off
I grin at the noises you make
Your gurgle makes it feel so right
I'm enjoying myself tonight!

Now I've done all I can do with my hands
So I fetch my big red toolbox
I get back and you've crawled 3 feet
So I punish you

Your wide eyes and blood-curdling scream
Tell me that you like my tools
I like the way you try to hold back your screams,
But when you release them, it gives me pleasure.
I find the way that you pray to god you'll die quick
Very, very satisfying.

Now you have stopped moving
My heart is starting to break
We've made quite a mess
But the fun was over to fast

Don't worry, you won't be wasted
I have special plans for you
I mixed your body with butter, sugar,
And flour and oil and chocolate chips
You are going to make very special cookies
That I will feed to Jehovah's witnesses.


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