Just Another Suicide That Wont Make The News

I'm to be a person who takes ther life.
Countless times I have tried.
Maybe one day I will succed.
But I'll only be another suicide that dosen't make the news.
My life is full of pain.
It's had more downs than ups.
I know I will leave a void in peoples hearts.
I don't want to hurt anybody.
Truly I don't.
But try as hard as I try.
I still hurt them anyway.
I never asked for this pain.
I have nothing to gain.
I only want to end my pain.

But now it's to late.
I honestly belive this is the only way.
I'm just another suicide that wont make the news.

by Amy Louise Kerswell

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nice poem, hope youre ok, its really sad how most people seem to ignore other ppls problems, or just wait till its to late mike