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Just As I'Ve Thought

i met him in a way i never imagined.
it was a month ago and until today i still can't forget
the day i first saw him in their school..
small, yet cute, , looking good in uniform, , very neat, , impressive! !
days passed.. i never thought he will like me.
i'm not that good nor nice as some people think i am
but i was flattered yet skeptical.

just as i've thought
he never did like me.
it was all unreal! !
i got mad at him, but what can i do?
then one day he told me that he's sorry
i said ot's okay.
and then we became 'friends? '
but after several months passed, he left.
he went somewhere where i can no longer reach him.
he's too far..
i'm all alone.

i lost hope..
but i realized life is worth living..
i moved on.
i'm happy with my life when he came back unexpectedly.
i didn't wished something will happen between us again,
but something really did happen..
i loved him..and he loved me? ! ?
just as i've thought
it was all unreal!
how stupid of me to believe in him again.

i thought he and i will be forever..
i thought he love me..
i thought i love him..
but it was wrong! !

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