Just As Tasty As The Pudding

Raise the bar!
Remove the 'settled-for-less' distresses,
And lift those spirits up!
In your hand is a cup you know remains half full...
'Too much' will never be enough,
When your cup is lifted up!
Rushing to supply with every wish...
You hold inside.

You've got the stuff,
Dismiss the fluff and accept His flow.

Raise the bar!
Congratulate your naysayers with prayers,
If it wasn't for them your time would be theirs!
They did not win...you did.
And will again.

You could blow to them kisses...
Or wish them well with wellwishes.
This is not their discovery,
To know this fulfillment in collective recovery.
You are less on their minds than they are on yours.
Question not the opened doors awaiting.
These moments that come are not for one debating,
Outcomes before they are done.

When it comes into mind...
Dance with it time after time,
Until your steps have been mastered!
Raise the bar...
Lift it unassisted and persist it can be done.

Glisten as if Sun beams on you.
Demeaning shadowed scenes will seem to wither away.
New views due break through,
To solidify what for you is true..
And the proof is as tasty as the pudding.

Raise the bar and be lifted.
Something inside of you,
Begins to free a forgiveness that takes flight!
And this uplifting bar raised,
Restores ambitions to shine...
Whenever the mind finds it dines
Under the comfort of cloud cover.

Raise the bar...
Be lifted where you are,
And do it!
Stop smothering your joy,
Using decoys attracting quacks!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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