Just Be

I would like to just be
Free to just be
Just be

I think that I shall never see a picture as lovely as a be
But be is so rare when you see one and it is true
It is squashed beyond repair.
The damage wrought is out of proportion

But swiftly wrought by one and all
Oh you’ve participated a scoff or pall
Any little look or twitch
No matter be it young or rich

We are raised by it, it feeds and clothes
Which iPod or color rose
It surrounds and nurtures
It prods and pulls

But suffers not those wayward fools
The odd the quirkish the nerd the geek
It dictates testosterone put tape to cheek
Be this not that be like not freak

Sometimes I pretend I made it around the cliff and over the bend
No reaction no response I’ve suffered not from any stance.
Adjusted level aloof askance
Free to revel in my own be dance

But from the corner I need but glance the devil mirrors rigid stance
I watch and jiggle where once firm was
Describe the shape as post modern worm
A snap its gone dashed a bourning

Its start and nourished from society
But carried to fruition by I, self, me.
The power of will the strength within
All fades away, eroded by years of whisper and sin

Someday I would like to just be
Free to just be
Just be

by Joseph Camphouse

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