Just Because...

on a quiet picnic on a pretty quilt on a green green hill with big full trees with long thick branches perfect for climbing under a sun so hot with animal shaped clouds and lets go in a VW bus and we'll wear tie dye shirts and put our feet on the dashboard and sing loud to every song. then we'll build a campfire and play guitar and ill sing my song for you. we'll pitch our tent and climb inside into our checkered red and blue sleeping bags and we'll be barefoot. and our hair will be in our eyes. but we wont care just because.

and in the morning we'll eat toast with hot applesauce on it.

and then we'll go canoeing and accidentally fall in.

and we'll let our hair dry naturally and curl, but we wont care. just because.

and then we'll climb the tree and get pur barefooted feet dirty. but we wont care just because.

then we'll walk to the park and swing over the mulch and get sweaty. but we wont care. just because. we're going swimming again. then...

then we'll tan in our tree fort topless.
but we wont care just because.

then when it gets dark we'll catch lightning bugs. but we wont put them in a jar just because.

then we'll lay on the quilt of many colors and look at the stars and talk about the future and different things. just because

and those two days would be the best days of our lifes........

..... just because

by Brooke Hippie

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sounds like the perfect weekend, peaceful and free, the way that it should be everyday. Content and happy with just being alive, in the moment and carefree. I can hear the guitar around the campfire all ready. Thanks for the ride. Jack