Just Because I Can Show I Care

Just because I can show I care,
Does not mean I am less aware...
Of who it is that takes me,
And my caring to show for granted.
My mind has a way of documenting,
The why and on who to do what...
With the time I use to keep prioritized,
Every attempt made with effort I endeavor.
I am on a mission in constant transition,
To produce without excuses.
My own or anyone else.

I have come to face situations,
To either embrace or walk away.
And when I walk away,
Looking back over my shoulder..
Is not on my agenda to have it scheduled.
My patience to tolerate to disrespect,
Does not leave me hesitating to take a step.
Regardless who interprets this as a sensitivity.

And their 'assumptions' about that,
I don't deny could be true.
Especially if my faith placed in another,
Leaves me in between a decision to make.
And since I refuse to argue about,
Common sense and when it should be used...
I am not one to pray over what it is I do next.
When I left elementary school to pass tests,
It was obvious to me junior high was my next step.
For whatever the reason,
I understood that to comprehend.

Just because I can show I care,
Does not mean I am less aware...
Of those intentions of others.
And when I take a step away,
To know there is no need to repeat that effort...
I find it pointless to regret my endeavors.
Or to know I've done my best to graduate.
And hopefully to show it known,
There are a few lessons about life I have learned.
To have them left kept respected.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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