Just Because Of Love

When you left
You took a piece of my heart
And now that your back
I want to make sure your heart never leaves again
So I'll just reach into your chest
Pull it out and place it on my mantle
Cut you on the wrist
So when I'm scared you can always hold my hand
Dig your eyes out the sockets
So I can keep gazing into those
Pretty brown eyes
That broke my heart and pierced my soul
Cut your tongue out
So I wouldn't have to worry about another lie being told
Keep you in my house
Then we're guaranteed to grow old together
I would make your favorite drink
And spike it a splash of bleach
Just enough to send you to hospital
So I make you have nightingale syndrome
When you think about how I saved you
Lets soar to the highest of the highs
Just so I can replace you parachute
With the shell of the this man
Just because of love

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