Just Before Dawn

Just Before Dawn

Right in the middle of times,
The light began to wane
Yet it is called noon:
A juxtaposition of two dead ends.
When the truth was gang raped,
Deflowered and hospitalized.
Only for the blood stain to speak
Like that of Abel outside Eden
To expose the hidden stances.

At a time like this,
Impossibility hangs on the day,
Futility embraced situations,
Hopelessness laid as foundation,
Vagueness clearly shine on high.
The roads taken seem blocked
Those not taken habours despair,
The fratricidal sororicide burst up,
And friends parade as foes.

Just in the light,
I wonder quietly in solitude
Picturing the dusk ahead:
Entanglement time with the past
Which ushers in posterity.
Solemnly I qurantine myself,
Being a prisoner of drums of times
Case of Ebola, Bola and Ola rants
Truncating my aspirations.

Just at the moment in time,
Turbulence pacifies my peace and
War tramples on my rage.
Air becomes edible like bread,
After which I drink from memories
Only to be filled with hunger.
What a show of shame I recount
And build a paradis' of foolishness
In my tempestous marine voyage.

I fell in love with the darkness:
It strengthens and quickens to build
Through the hard times, I rejoice
Though with lovely tears and pleasurable pains
But with very important notion:
Light up today to build tomorrow.
This, initially, seems 'danger-ful'
In the stead of being dangerous
In the sight those that care.

In the thickness of the night,
I suddenly began to shake in awe,
Knowing not the chance I have
For time has already dissolved
As the scavengers set to rule all:
Both the celestial and terrestrial,
But I later regained my confidence
Even in the face of devil himself,
My heart beats for hope I now see.

by Tosin Abegunde

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