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Just Being Me

Tearing off my fake skin.

only because i want be accepted by society again.

thinking that no one wanted me around anymore.So i ran as

i did before not really realizing the people i left that i adored

and i was often putting myself down and frown upon even mentaly Scourn.

most people never accepted me for me.but for what they wanted to see.

and i more so looked into negativity. I couldn't accept who i wanted to be

so i pretended to be something i wasnt 'but is that truely a crime.

wanting to just be like someone else at any giving time.

my sin that i committed that i only wanted to be cool like the rest.

but instead i played the part for the fool at best.

i wasn't judged by the color of my skin but i was misplaced

from deep within, but when indeed the facts are.

for some reason i just never quite fit in.

and i was told i had the best of both worlds being white and black.

and i didn't know how to really carry myself nor act. So i lived in shame

just because i wanted a little bit fame.So i should have been proud

of who i was as a person. but in actuality never had my own personality.

i just wanted to be heard. but in reality i was just a nerd.

I find myself once again for it wasn't acceptence from finding friends

or female companionship to share that love that was always there

but instead it was the Lord Jessus Christ my saviour that cared and at the age of 33

im truly free of my depression and i know i will never seek this

negative Obsession. people always ask me why do i look in my past.

its just because i didn't wanna give up. with out being given a second chance.

so im going to no longer hide and rip off my fake disguise stand up with alot of pride.

and im going to fight for what i beleave in my inner spritiual side

so thank you heavenly father for showering down with your beautful grace

for i'am truely blessed with your powerful embrace.

by lacy hill

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