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Just Below Heaven
AG (Novermber 12,1992 / Chicago)

Just Below Heaven

Poem By Alex Gomez

I am just below Heaven.
My spirit is transcending,
Moving gracefully through
Brilliant skies of blue.

I am just below Heaven.
I reach out for sections of cloud,
Hoping to grab onto a fluffy surface
And peer through to see what lies beyond.

I am just below Heaven.
I am maneuvering through undisturbed
Atmospheres, swimming through an ocean
Of gases and nothingness.

I am just below Heaven.
I can practically see the curvature of Earth
While angels approach me;
God’s hand reaches out to carry me.

I am just below Heaven.
I look down at my former body,
A mutilated, discombobulated,
Massacred shell of humanity.

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Comments (2)

Soaring in the stratusphere of significance. Well done my friend> 10/10
Good poem Alex...mystic thoughts on life...its essence and essenceless ness...creative write...i liked...10