Their Tails beat the water,
As they swim past,
In a mass of squeaking rubber,
Thats moving oh so fast.

They rise up out of swirling waves,
Twisting in the air,
Then nosediveing in again,
A natural display that's rare,

Then catching the fish that swim,
In the sea so deep,
They scoop them up in threes and fours,
with a whistle a click and a beep.

Then they disappear into ocean depths,
Where no human can go,
And don't show their faces,
Until once more light shows.

by Demon Eastoe

Comments (45)

A beautiful poem and well written.
Wao! you made the Just beyond the sunset a look like the best place to be
really good words and beautiful impression.
very peaceful impression!
Lovely poem. My wife waits just beyond the sunset and one day I will join her.
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