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Just Beyond
DM (12-04-48 / Arlington Virginia)

Just Beyond

It is times such as this when you are just beyond
I find myself in retreat sitting in the chair.
You know the one that rocked all the babies
to dream filled sleep with a love so fair.

As I face another cross roads
not knowing which way to turn
I reach just beyond for your advice
Left? ? Right? ? Your wisdom I do yearn

You taught me well to trust in God
for that is where all wisdom is spawned
But how am I to know
that what I hear comes from just beyond

Right or wrong there are those who say
it is just a roll of the dice
But with in my heart I pray
for it to be heavenly advice

So I sit and rock
and feel your love so fond
for I know deep with in my heart
you still protect me from just beyond.

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