Just Breathe

Just forget about my house of mirrors,
Forget about the images you have seen.
Forget about the trust you once had for me.

Kiss the soft night goodbye.
And forget about the thoughts you once had.
Forget about the lies you have said.

Shake the illusions from your head.
Forget about the weather and its sense.
Forget about the love and the lust that fallows.

Eat away your appetite.
And forget about the trends and its scene.
Forget about the fashion and popular opinion.

Live away your life.
And forget about the countless
Faces your eyes have encountered
Forget about the hatred and its ignorance.

Forget about the media.
Forget about the Music.
Forget about the Cultures and its roots.

Blind yourself to life’s harassment,
And to its racism and greed.
Disable yourself from life’s customs
And just breathe.

For that’s the only thing that’s free.


by brianda lee

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well said- breathing is not only free it is the only truth samanyan