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Just Can'T Help It
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Just Can'T Help It

Honestly I try to react normal and act how I feel
But when you smile I can't help but reciprocate
Sad or pensive, glad or enraged.... i don't mean to complicate
The Simple fact, but this is a dsease from which i cannot heal
Because your smile is fatally contagious
And forces me to smile no matter what the circumstance
I wonderr if you've noticed this trend between us...
But I seriously doubt that you have... not a chance
While your smile is electric mine goes 'unnoticed'
I don't have the same ffect on you that you have on me
When you see
My smile I wonder what it means to you...
But when you smile I just can't help it
It seems wrong and nnatraul to resist
But unfortunately even if I want to I can't help it
There is no help because there's no cure
And there's no cure because there's nothing wrong!
But something doesn't feel right when it's one...
sided... so I'll search from deepest depth to highest sun
To try to find a curre so I could help it
Or maybe what would help in my search most of all
Is if you'd just do one thing...

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