Just Curious

What don't they get?


But hasn't it been there?

'It has.
For everyone to accept and believe.'

Then what has been the problem?

There were those with money,
Who came to alter reality for decades.
Something has occurred recently,
That has come to change everything.'

What is that?

'It seems that the Sun, Moon and Earth,
Have had other plans all along.
And no one regarded them,
As being thinking entities.'

I see.
So all of their conflicts,
Have generated from myths?

'How am I suppose to know?
I am here just to be a witness.
Remember when you retired me,
And so many others...
From those positions as messengers?
Remember when you 'downsized' us?
And outsourced our jobs? '

Don't get 'snooty' with ME.
I was just curious.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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