RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Just Discovered Heart

Today I saw for the first time so clear and sure the love I had missed and maybe ignored.

Not on purpose or to be cruel or mean.

But because I didn't realize you were in love with me.

I knew I felt so much love for you and shared that with you,
Not sure in my heart what you would do.

Yet today I saw you smile when you saw me there,
So beautiful you looked, how could I not feel the love we share.

Our love has been an adventure, many ups and downs.

My heart has never left you, even when doubt beat me down.

Our love is our salvation in the roles we must play.
I cannot give you up, ever come what may.

I have made my peace with myself and know you are my heart.
And I will not walk away knowing you hold my heart.

I know you think there are things that would make me re-think my choice.

But I can tell you this my love.....your love is my choice.
My choice to accept what I know is true and real.
My choice to love you each day and feel.

Your right we can't change today.
And I may still worry about tomorrow.

I know I have your heart and that is well worth the struggle.

No words could ever be enough to tell you how very much I love you.

Only that my heart is yours forever.....and I am so very much in love with you.

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