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Just Do It
OK (May 16,1976 / Nigeria)

Just Do It

Poem By Okezie Kanu

It bothered my heart and disturbed my peace
My joy was stolen and all that I depended on failed
My hands ceased to work and my feat froze
Defeat and demotion and discouragement prodded on.

Everything around have gone the other way
Nothing had remained in its place
Nothing to hold on to because all had failed
I would not do anything because I did not trust my strength

Who would help my helplessness?
Nobody would come and rescue me
Everybody had faced their vocation and calling
I have been left all to myself

I will rise if I would stand
I have held myself to the ground so long
My head should hear my heart
And lift my feet until I stand

My feet should hear my head and stand
Lifting the whole body and working with my hand
Until my whole strength is restored
And then I could do what I should do.

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