Defeat...By Me

Walking causually, I stop and take a knee, letting my head fall
Crippled under the wieght of my heart, wrinkled like a paper ball
I know its day out, yet I see only darkness, this picture isn't painted right
Everyday seems to be this way, constantly an un-winnable fight.
When does the sun over power the black empty space that surrounds my soul
I want to see light again, feel the sun on my face, I want to feel whole
But everyday I awaken to clouds, filled not with water, but despair
A remminder of how seemingly good things can be quite unfair
I can remember not so long ago, a smile on my face, never to leave
I felt a warmth over my body, a warmth almost hard to believe
Each day was something to strive for, always having hope in my mind
But as each day passes on, I slowly see more clearly, i've been left behind
So I sit and watch, as my body and soul rot away, the evidence is clear
Somethings in this life aren't ment to be, mostly the things we want to hold near
So with a painful gasp of air, i'l stand back on my own 2 feet
And live out the remainder of my life, with my friend at my side...Defeat

by Steven Smith

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powerful lesson all then world should hear great write
righteous deeds shall be rewarded, , , , and bad deeds shall fetch punishment from god..... what deed you do is surely imporant, , , , pay attention b4 it gts too late... retreat be impossible...... 'very inspiring write... poetry with purpose, purpose be lesson.. lesson of morality'...thnx for sharing