SJ (1991 / arizona)

Just Don'T Be Afraid

please don't be nervous,
to step out,
please don't be scared,
to be yourself,
because I'm right behind you,
and I will support you,
you're never alone.

Please don't be anxious,
and lose faith,
please have the patience,
to just wait,
to learn from the silence,
that will fill you with grace,
and i will show the way.

Because I'll be right behind you,
all of the way,
always remind you to just wait,
and be patient,
and faithful,
and not like the things of this place.

so don't hide in the dark,
because I'll always be the spark,
that will show you the way,
just stay with me here child,
and i will stay with you there,
just don't be afraid.

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