Just Don'T Forget To Ask

Poem By Ana Maria

Where are we going and why?
What is true and what's a lie?
Do we know what is our aim?
Why are there people without shame?
Why is someone starving now?
why would someone break the vow?
Why that young girl wants to die?
She's not happy, did she try?
What is wrong and what is good?
Who knows that or who should?
How to act when you see a crime?
Is it late or we have time?
why is someone there, hiding?
Why the stars aren't shining?
Should I trust the pope or science?
Which is giving me true guidance?
Why we're educated to take for granted?
When was the last tree you planted?
Why no one ever asks these questions?
Who knows the answers or suggestions?

Do you ever think and try to understand?
Why things are as they are? were they planned?
Some people died and never asked why is life so twisted
So they never truly lived... just existed!

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