Just Don'T Know

Sad the memories
in a lifelong conundrum
of yearning
I just don't know
how I feel about meeting
I'm too much like a color
hidden behind a silk screen
all that's seen
ever is a silouette
what's so special about that
I want someone to step through
I want someone to reach me
I want to be held deep
and penetrated further
I want
and that's the problem
so I'll withdraw
so I don't have to say
it's all my fault
one moretime
My heart is full like noontime
my role
is already on it's way
what else is there
i don't see much
for me
to do
i just don't know

by Dava Makiah

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Comments (2)

going on no choice in that what life demands the heart always seeking and one day will be found for sure a powerful poem
a sad but deeply moving piece...great job!