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Just Emptiness

Just Emptiness

I think I lose my heart
Or maybe it just teared apart
I can’t feel anymore
I feel like a withered rose
That has been blown by the wind
And has been left just with sins

I’m left without soul
In a place unknown
My soul is gone
I can’t care anymore
I feel like dust
I am so lost
Dust that never disappears
And that only carries fears

I don’t have a mind
But nothing can seem to be left behind
I feel like a dropp of blood
That goes around on and on
A dropp of blood that doesn’t leaves
Even if it doesn’t wants to exist

I don’t have my sight
So I don’t know what’s right
I feel like a puppet
I can’t even watch the sunset!

I don’t got anything left
Just because of my selfishness
Now I have just emptiness…

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