JB (12/06/1990 / Missoula, MT)

Just For Her

I’d never felt I was in love,
I’d never been so scared.
I’d never gave up my body,
But for her, all this, I dared.

My heart has been so happy,
My eyes, they almost shine.
My thoughts are never sad.
Because I have her as mine.

I did it all, just for her.
I’ve done it all, just for her.
I’d do it again, just for her.
I’ll love at last, just for her.

No one will love her like I do,
No one can offer her this chance.
No one would trade it all.
No one will give her my romance.

I love her eyes, her lips, her face.
I love her body and the way she moves
I love everything there is about her.
Katelynn, I loved you…
But now it’s over

by Jesse Bauer

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