PP (28 May 1990 / Maphumulo at KZN)

Just For Us

Yet its hurts so bad
to see you going
to hug and feel your touch for the last time today
not knowing, the day and the right hour
that i will meet you again

tears are are falling down my face
so warm and salty
symbolising the change of sweet life
to the salt life
that i will leave without you being by
my side
the hurt and pain that i will have as this
salty tears drain to the open wound in my heart

even though you said you are doing this for us
its hurts so much to see you smiling as well
as crying for the last time today
feeling the feeling of missing you already
the feeling of loosing you
as the great moments play over my mind
as i look straight into your eyes
i wonder whether you will come back or not
it hurts so much

you hold my hand
you say all to me
trying to make me comprehend your reasons
tears of rain they flowng perpetualy
its so painful
please dont leave me
alone, i want to be with you

you hold me tight, squezing me
with your fit, lovely, warm body of yours
my hearts beats faster and yours too
shhhhh! whispering in my ear
i love you and i will always do
i love you too, yet its hurts so bad

i have to admit, and grow patiency
this is just for us, only us.

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Am I a trespasser? ? ? I enjoyed reading what I did.