TH ( / New Zealand)

Just For You

I'd lay down my life for you
So all the hurt i'll feel
And of pain you wouldn't have a clue
I'll hurt anyone that hates you
And stay by you thru all strife
U know its tru
Keaping it real
But all u do, how you move
Feels so surreal
It's hard, but i love you so much
I dont care... My world,
Crumbling under your touch.
Evrything changes in the future
Why is god putting me thru this?
I hate mother nature
She works to put us on this land
But what am i to do
when i cant get her helping-hand?
When you walk away.
I feel the cold lonely nothing
My whole world turns grey.
Even though others will come and go
I know you love me (even when you say you dont)
I'll pick you up when you're low.
When i see you next i'll ask you
To stay for all eternity, the days i do have with you
Are always to few.
So please say you will
Cause i'll do all i can for you.
To give your life its best thrill.

by Turuz Hautapu

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