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Just For You: Repent

It is no coincidence that
you have turned on your
computer and are reading
this poem. You see, HE (God),
made it possible. Do you
know that HE died for you?
Yeah, you! Now, HE just
wants to walk you through.
HE wants you to see the road clear,
HE never created you to have fear.
This is all man's doing, that's why we
have so much suing. You are molded
with His radiated power,
but many of us are living life
very sour. Imagine, living life just
having fun. That explains,
why we have so many
guns. HE has imparted in
you love, peace, joy and
happiness. Not all this sadness.
Look, time is running out.
The Lord had me write
this poem specifically for you.
HE loves you, HE really does.
You have tried every
human-way possible, you
have tried the rest,
meet the best.

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