Where Love Lives

Touched like cascading snow floating to rest on the ground
So soft and sincere your spirit within my soul
To dance like the leaves from the overgrown elm
In the cool breeze that rides the shadowed limbs to and fro.

My heart opened to let in the sun's heat
Warming the bath of your affection
Clouds of grey never consume our template anymore
With you everything is in its placed caption.

Greenest of grasses hold dew from my forgotten tears
The dreams of love temper in my awakening eyes
Valley hills reach wildly with anticipation
Soaking up the storms rich path completely dry.

Exuding harmony flows from the outer skies unknown
Drifting into your being and into mine just so
Giving way to happiness, joy, and pure ectasy
Passion in our hearts where love lives and grows.

Strong your hands that holds our embrace enchanted
So very coarse upon my skin, yet sweet and tender
Giving chills that swirl all through my body awaiting
From labored love of the worlds purest nature.

Forever entwined and bound where fate has touched
Rising the moon's twilight ebb to shine on our skin
Never to let go of the hope for the years to come
So surreal the truest emotion pours within.

by Molly Densmore

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Comments (3)

I like it too Sandra Its just kinda a clip form a thought in your mind. like it
I like it when people can express personal feelings in the open instead of hiding them so well that even they themselves have a difficult time finding them. And you have done that again here. A personal message in public. H
I thought you were talking about me sandra, till i realized it was only a poem it must be someone, or it could be a figment of your imagination anyway i liked it Warm regard allan