C (October 1991 / New York)

Just Friends

it's amazing, how somebody's
always tellin, me that i should
take you back, why do they care
it's none of their, business they oughtta
mind their own, leave me alone

i know that, you don't see
how this is affecting me
and, i know that, you hate me
but someday you'll appreciate how i

left you, standin there,
heart in your hands as you ran them through your
hair tryna figure out what just happened
cause you don't see what i see
there will never be a you and me again
cause i won't be that stupid,
i won't make that mistake
no i won't be that stupid baby,
not a third time

i'm not that naive, to truly believe
that you and i can try and be
just friends, boy have you lost it
cause we've been there, don't that
i swore last time i would stop
we'd be buds, just friends, you know
but i just couldn't let you go

but now we're done, that you know
it really wasn't hard to let you go
this time, and it didn't take long
for me to move on, so now
your'e just a guy in my past,
i should've known we'd never last

~A/N: I know it's kinda choppy, but it was written w/ the commas as a song, so it's not exactly my best poem, but I just thought it deserved to be posted....

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omg very well worded very beautiful i love it
wow. great poem. lol way to put it in his face lol jk but really good poem. keep it up.