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Nature's Trail
(August 26,1974 / New York City, NY)

Nature's Trail

Sometimes to escape, noisy neighborhoods
I enjoy going for a walk into the woods,
When I am exhausted, or tired of listening to man's machinery
That is when I need to go to find a peaceful and serene scenery.
I will always take the trail that leads to nature’s wonder
And when I arrive there, I will take my time as I must ponder,
I will stop and I will look at the beauty that God has created
Now! I don't feel so alone, or even isolated.
Mother Nature she then surrounds me, I feel her existence
So, of course I walk a bit further into the beckoning distance,
The trees they all are reaching, to touch the clouds in the sky
And the birds that are in the trees, they sing, and they fly.
To rebuild and to awaken my inner noticing skills
I enjoy nature walking, by taking a trail into the wooded hills
My ideal is simple, it is to get away to fresh air and a clear mind
The experience which many think as ordinary, to me it is hard to find.
A trail it has taken me into the ultimate quest
Where nature is busy and alive, and the city is finally at rest,
When from the city's ambiance I need to leave or to bail
I enjoy disappearing into nature, by taking a nature’s trail.

Randy L. McClave

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